Careers and Partnerships


We are always looking for creative and passionate professionals to join our team.

Open opportunities include:

  • Product Manager
    • Defines, prioritizes, plans, and drives execution of the vision for the SnB platform. Contributes to direction for development of future services.
  • Senior Developer/Architect
    • Ensures technical implementation of business requirements in alignment with the strategic vision.
  • Brand and Social Media Consultant
    • Produces content, manages social media accounts, campaigns, online profile and brand.
  • Marketing and Sales Consultant
    • Promotes and markets the SnB brand. Closes deals and meets sales targets.

For careers, send an email with resume and cover letter to



In terms of partnerships, SnB is open to partnering with potential investors, contributors, and organizations or individuals that wish to establish strategic relationships.

For partnerships, send an email along with relevant documentation to